What is Northumberland Delivers?

Northumberland Delivers is a full-service Online Marketplace for local businesses. Customers can use the website or mobile app to order directly from their favourite restaurants and shops. They can choose to pick up the order themselves or have it delivered to their home or office by our team of delivery drivers. From take-out to groceries to flowers and gifts, nothing is off-limits for Northumberland Delivers! Customers can even place custom orders for products from businesses that are not yet listed on the platform.


About Northumberland Delivers

Owner Teresa Berriman started Northumberland Delivers from a need for her two restaurants to have a full delivery system within this new world of Pandemic safety measures. She quickly realized that many other local restaurants and shops may not have the time or resources to do this for themselves. Wanting to support her community she expanded her original idea, creating a vast online platform that could support the needs of every local business!

Northumberland Delivers provides all the training and support for each business owner to set up their own online ordering system quickly and easily. We have tested the system on Teresa’s own two restaurants to ensure a smooth experience for both businesses and customers. It works for all businesses including restaurants, retail, groceries, errands, alcohol, and cannabis.

A collective business community is a healthy and thriving community, and we want to support all our local shops, services, and entrepreneurs by passing along our help through this simple yet “necessary to stay in business” delivery service. The convenience of online ordering will ensure an open market and can continue to grow your customer base. It will also ensure that the most vulnerable people in our community can access the products and services they need and love from the safety of their homes. It will be a continued asset for a thriving community long after the current restrictions on business are lifted.